Micellar Water: All You Need To Know

Micellar water has recently grown in popularity but do you know what it really is and is it really useful?

The water has been widely available in french pharmacies for years but only recently has it developed a cult like following internationally and now are available  anywhere in varying forms. The reason micellar water is so popular is because it is so useful, acting as both a cleanser and make up remover with absolutely no need to use anything else after. You won’t feel like you need to either because your skin feels clean.

The Science:

The thing that sets micellar water miles apart from any other cleansing/make up removing products are tiny balls of cleansing molecules called ‘micelles’ that float in the water. When these micelles come into contact with oil or dirt on your face they sweep them away quickly and effectively.

Micelles do this because they are surfactants – molecules that can make water and oil interact with each other. Surfactant’s have two ends one that is hydrophillic and so attaches to water and one end that is lipophillic and therefore interacts with the oil/dirt.

Using a cotton pad to apply the water is important because like the micelles the cotton is hydrophillic, so when the micellar water goes onto the cotton pad the hyrophillic part attaches to the cotton  leaving the lipophillic part of the surfactant to get rid of all the dirt.

In my opinion micellar water is very useful and handy you can honestly remove anything with it. There are an endless amount of options available now so take your pick!

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